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On April 26 2020, at the office of Heligate, CEO Lương Tuấn Giang organized a training class on "Horenso" topics with the active engagement of all employees. HORENSO is utilized as a basic business rule in Japan to conduct smooth business communication. This class has helped employees to understand how Japanese people work as well as to improve teamwork skill and labor productivity.

HORENSO is a business mantra or mnemonic acronym in Japanese business culture. It is an "abbreviation of "Hōkoku" (報告, to report), "Renraku" (連絡, to inform) and "Sōdan" (相談, to consult).

"Hokoku" is to report on a process or result of business from a subordinate to a superior. In Japan, subordinates don't have much authority to make business decision. Usually the decisions are made by an organization as a whole. Therefore, a subordinate must report everything to superior immediately and exactly. It is especially important to report a mistake or a problem immediately because his/her superior has the responsibility for it.

"Renraku" is to inform facts. One must inform the facts and decision to the relevant parties. One should not include one's opinion and guesses. If "Renraku" is not done or not completed, then you cannot control your team. And then, "Renraku" communicated to the people who need it. Finally, "Renraku" done quickly. Its content might need to prepare for the next action.

"Sodan" is to consult or discuss. For example, a superior give a subordinate an advice, and an employee talks over with superior about some unnecessary consultation in Japanese business. Because a superior rarely speaks to a subordinate in the Japanese company, but, they want to be asked for their advice. They want others to think that "you can always count on me." So, they feel better if they receive request for consultation from their subordinate.

There are many benefits to incorporating the "Ho-Ren-So" philosophy. First, if an issue within tasks are reported, it can be resolved quickly because a manager controls it and decides how to resolve it. Next, if information is communicated with team members and it is known all members of a team, they can take ownership of the schedule and tasks. Finally, if information is consulted from a subordinate, a decrease of quality will be prevented and likely won't occur again.



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